Who We Are

People all over India and some parts of the world consume products packaged in our PET containers everyday.

We develop and manufacture those PET containers according to our goal to deliver the highest quality standards very cost effectively to consumers. We are a leading provider of complete solutions for packaging liquids, foods, home and personal care products in PET.

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There are close to 350+ pet bottles and jar models manufactured and supplied over Tamilnadu and some parts of India. Every one of them is the result of our almost 25 years of proven experience and innovation. We continually focus on providing our customers with quality PET container cost effectively that are designed and manufactured with one thing in mind. “To ensure you reach your business goals”. Find us by searching in Google like Pickle Packaging Jars Manufacturers in India, Pet Pickle Jars Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, Engine Oil Container Manufacturers in Tamilnadu, Engine Oil Pet Bottle Manufacturers in Virudhunagar, Water Bottle Manufacturers in Virudhunagar and etc.

Benefit of 25 years of experience in PET blow moulding

Our aim is always to deliver the best quality product for you to reach your goals. To do that, we must first understand each challenge you face as a producer. We believe the best partnership are based on continuous communication and our first step is always to establish what makes your business unique.

For Market

Which consumer choices and trends do you want to address?

Supply Chain

How is your product produced, distributed and sold?

Performance Needs Today

What are you individual performance criteria? What target do you aspire to reach?

Performance Needs Over Time

How do you expect your products, technology and production to change in the future? How will we accommodate your performance targets over time as they change?

Performance Through Understanding

Delivering this level of performance at such a time cannot be achieved without understanding your challenges. To assist you best, we must completely understand your products, your consumers, your supply chains and your production needs. We need to know where your business is today, where you want it to be in the future and what you need from your equipment to reach your goals.

End - Product Value

Achieving the greatest value on your end product requires understanding not only your packaging, but also comprehensive knowledge about package-content interplay and your supply chain conditions from concept to consumer.

Production Value

To add value to your production, we must understand your production facilities and targets, so we can ensure you receive a solution that will reach those targets today – and tomorrow.

Business Value

Delivering business value means understanding your financial ambitions and the environment in which you operate. We are dedicated to helping you operate in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising economic performance.

Our Values

Customer Centric

We listen and understood our customer’s packaging needs, we deliver on each of their needs very cost-effectively and also keeping in mind the quality. We build trust by making each customer successful by fulfilling their need and fulfilling our commitment to their satisfaction.


We are committed to living up to our promise. We do what we say to earn the trust of our customers, suppliers and colleagues.

One Step Ahead

We continually move in the direction of our strength to be one step ahead. We innovate in our products to make it more reliable, strong and cost effective for our customers.

Stronger Together

We work as one team and move decisively in the same direction. We leverage our experience and combine our strengths for the interest of our business and customers.

Better Everyday

We look for safer and better ways of working with a continuous improvement mindset. We accept and learn from our drawbacks and mistakes work on correcting them and making it our strengths. We are empowered to seek better ways of working while developing our people.